lundi 19 juin 2017

Aguilar Sutil, chez les Amis de Jules
Today we welcome a new friend of Jules ... 
Aguilar Sutil, José Santiago was born in Jaén, Spain in 1974.
Despite his engineering studies which allow him to make a living as a teacher, he has always dreamed to be a professional cartoonist. Only drawing in his spare time, he has collaborated in several comic magazines (Amaníaco, Killer Toons, La Máquina de Albóndigas, Barzelona, El Batracio Amarillo, etc.), newspapers (Ideal, Diario Jaén) and numerous exhibitions. He is a devoted admirer of the franco-belgian BD,the spanish classic TBO and the US underground comic scene. He is member of "Viñeta 6" collective since its origins.
Thank you for your kindness.
His site: Sutile zas

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